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The Problem:
"Beaches in Barbados are public, but some of them can be reached only by boat. In any case, apart from their sunsets, the west coast beaches are overrated—often overburdened, overbuilt, or eroded little coves with no room to walk and mostly rocky, hard-to-enter waters. There are, of course, exceptions, such as Gibbes Beach, or Mullins Beach, just below Speightstown."  --- Fonseca, I. "Barbados: This Earth, This Realm, This Little England", Condé Nast Traveler, July 2009

"On the island's northwest coast, sunbathers used to be able to walk from the popular beach bar on Mullins Beach north for several miles up the sandy shore. Now, there are only impassable boulders, sea walls, and crashing surf. The author of the local Mullins Bay blog  blames the construction of three stone groins at St. Peter's Bay, a new condominium development a quarter mile north of Mullins Beach. Installed ostensibly to help build up the beach there, the structures have sapped the adjacent shoreline of sand. Surprisingly, Barbados's Coastal Zone Management Unit, a government agency charged with controlling erosion, approved the groins."  --- Frank, Peter J. "Last-Chance Beaches",, August 2010/Yahoo! Travel, September 2010

The Solution:
Save Mullins Bay is a local and online grassroots effort with the singular purpose of rolling back the environmental, social and economic destruction of Mullins Bay, St. Peter, Barbados through actualizing the full restoration of area beaches. This webpage (Save Mullins Bay) on the Mullins Bay Blog serves as the central clearinghouse for all activities, news, events and plans, including (but not limited to) posts on this blog, short messages on Twitter, a group on Facebook, and videos on YouTube. We solicit the support of residents of the area and friends worldwide in this worthy cause. Our chat room is always open and we invite you to consider installing either our browser toolbar or app as a way of always staying updated and in touch with our progress.

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