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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Captain Rumpy Pumpy


Come and have fun with Rumpy and Crew
Fishing Trips

De Captain's Picnic

Pot Hauling




Montrose Beach, Road View/Mullins, St. Peter
Tel: (246)422-3456

Cell: (246)251-0579

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  2. The Captain Rumpy Pumpy has taken his picnic to his new Restaurant: Rustic Rumpy's

  3. Captain Rumpy Pumpy played the classic scam on us just last week (Jan 2012). Our party of 6, included 3 little boys, aged 2,4 & 6. The 4 year old was very nervous about going on a boat, but Rumpy showed us a picture of his boat to reassure us and which we booked for a private trip 2 hours fishing and 1 hour swimming with turtles - $300US. He asked for 50% deposit, but we paid him $100US. At 6.30 am on the morning we'd booked, he turned up at our beach in a totally different boat - little bigger than a rowing boat with an outboard motor and had also booked another adult on the same trip, which meant there would be 5 adults and 3 children in this tiny open boat for 3 hours. The 4 year old was very upset when he saw the boat and we decided not to go. Rumpy at first said he would keep the $100 deposit to 'cover his costs and time' (even though he still took the one customer out), later came and said he would pay it back in full, then finally returned $50US to us. We had previously booked his minibus to take us down to Oistins - another $100US - for which he said he would escort us all night, take us to the best lobster stall, take us to his uncle's stall etc. Needless to say, on the night, he didn't actually come with us, but just got another driver to drop us off and leave us to it!! The guy is a total con man and yes we do feel stupid to have fallen for it - others beware and avoid him at all costs, however plausible and personable he appears to be.

    1. Yes, he's a total nause!!
      Couldn't stand him. He thinks he can mug off everyone.
      Wouldn't go back to Almond Beach resort as I never want to lay eyes on him or his dope dealing friends again.