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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bye, Bye, Sandridge Hotel

St. Peter’s Bay Condos with the Sandridge (on-its-last-leg) Hotel in the background

Word on the street in the Mullins Bay area is that the Sandridge Hotel has been sold and is to be torn down to make way for more luxury condos on the Platinum Coast. According to reliable sources the sale took place quietly a few weeks ago. If these reports are correct, it would mean that yet another venerable west coast hotel resort property is being lost to condo conversion. While we await the results later this year of government’s study on condos - primarily their impact on employment - we do not have to wait to see what they are doing to the landscape. The changes are big and they are dramatic especially on the west coast of Barbados from Prospect, St. James to Speightstown, St. Peter.

Just next door to Sandridge the troublesome St. Peter’s Bay Condos are racing skyward with some already crowned with their red clay tile roofs. Not only are the groins they planted on the beach still problematic, but when the heavy rains arrived last month the project caused severe street flooding in the area. Sandridge also experienced flooding in its gym and computer room owing to the problem neighbor. However, their frustration though reported in the media is probably now muted since it has been learned that its purchaser is none other than the same developer of the St. Peter’s Bay Condos next door. Can St. Peter’s Bay II be far behind?
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