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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mullins Beach Washed Out To Sea

Well, after today and probably the rest of the weekend worrying about who is taking up too much of the beach is going to be a moot question for a long while given the heavy swells we are currently experiencing. The following photos taken this afternoon show the beach by the beach bar completely washed out, and the beach bar itself in peril of tumbling into the sea. Click on images to enlarge.

The size of the man on beach in front of the bar gives some indication of the volume of sand that has already been washed away with the lush vegetation that surrounded the beach bar.

A wave crashing into the beach bar. There will be no sundowners this evening.

Waves not big enough for yuh? Wait five minutes.

Railings coming apart on the beach bar.

Struggling to secure the railing with string.

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  1. The sea giveth and the sea taketh away (I'm sure my spelling isn't correct but you get my meaning). I have some pictures taken from the road about 4pm this afternoon. Not a pretty site..

  2. the sea gives and the sea takes away. I have 2 pictures from almost the same spot about 4pm. One of the beach and the bar and one of one big wave heading to shore.

  3. amazing photos! unbelievable...sounds like a climate change event. for that reason, it's scary...