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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Mullins Bay Blog Remembers Prince

No, not Prince - the Pop artist who once had the unpronounceable name - our little friend ‘Prince,’ the little tan puppy playing on the beach in the photo above, and the pet dog of a neighbor’s kids here in the Mullins area. Prince had a great personality. He played with the kids, was a favorite on the beach with tourists, even the neighborhood the cats loved him and followed him around. When he learned how to cross the road he and this blogger became great friends, and during the mornings over the last year or so if my door was opened he would come in the dining room to curl up in a corner and go to sleep. And, don’t try to feed him scraps if he were trying to sleep - he would get up and leave. If the door was closed he would crawl under the car parked in the driveway and do the same.

But crossing the road turned out ultimately to be his downfall. The kids did not want him tied, but unfortunately he was not neutered and did have a tendency to wander around far and wide. He was spotted sometimes more than a mile from home on the beach or on the roads. Apparently, someone (in Mullins Terrace presumably, since that’s where he was found) did not like that and took matters into their own hands. My distraught neighbors think he was poisoned a few weeks ago. Yesterday morning the tide was low enough for this blogger to take one of those long “Prince walks” along Mullins Bay and into Gibbes Bay and Lower Carlton, St. James and recorded in the video below some of the sights Prince might have enjoyed in his travels:

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  1. We called him "little buddy" because we didn't know his name, but he often dropped by our place for a rest..too bad!