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Monday, July 20, 2009

Truck Shatters Utilty Pole In Road View

A truck (so it was discribed to this blogger) shattered a utility pole at the 18 Km marker in Road View last night/this morning (around 3:00 am).  Reportedly and thankfully, no one was hurt but the vehicle which bore the license plate E2547 knocked over the km marker, split the pole and mowed down part of the hibiscus fence in front of Jonkanoo beach cottage.  Replacement of the pole and rehanging of the electrical and telephone wires are currently in progress.  Given the busy nature of the convenience store at the nearby at the local service station, even at 3:00 AM things could have been much worse.  Although this blogger has no evidence that adult beverages were involved, I take the opportunity to warn visitors and locals alike at this time of year (Crop Over) to be extra vigilant while walking the streets at all times but particularly at night.  I also want to warn party-goers about the dangers drunk-driving poses to themselves and others using the highways and byways.  Think about the responsibility you hold in your hands when you sit behind the steerwheel of a moving vehicle.  Do not think you can imbibe adult beverages and drive responsibly.  You cannot! 

Click here for more photos.

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