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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

British Tourists Injured In Bus/car Accident In Road View/Mullins

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Several British tourists and at least one local were injured today and taken away by ambulance from the scene of an accident in Upper Road View, St. Peter involving a Transport Board bus and a rental car in which the tourists were occupants.  The injured local was a pregnant female who was a passenger aboard the bus.  The accident occurred around twelve noon in front of the Texaco service station in Road View which is located near a slight bend in the road which has been hazardous to both pedestrians and motorists, as this blog has reported in the past.  This blogger's thoughts and prayers are for the speedy recovery and well being of the injured, and although I am not a prophet nor the son of one, I TOLD YOU SO!  I told you this day would come, and it is going to get worse as long as the authorities continue ignore the call of this blog for something to be done about this dangerous stretch of roadway with an open pit on one side in this high volume tourist area so close to the popular Mullins Beach.

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  1. I hope those tourists who are injured are ok now. It is about time the authorities do something about that road.