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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Trouble In the Cholery

It's usually not good, but you never know what you will find when you go for a walk along the beach in Road View/Mullins these days; that is, what's left of a beach that is tragically the result of all the overbuilding for tourism in the area.  Yesterday morning was no exception as I witnessed polluted water being pumped from the Palazzate construction site straight on to the beach and into the sea and ending up in The Cholery where a family with very young children were playing and swimming.  The last time this blogger complained about this sort of thing happening at another construction site in the area it ended up in the national media and a foreman from the offending company branded me a troublemaker.    

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  1. thanks for the post

    I was not aware of this place

    Hope you will post more about Barbados holiday

  2. I love your blog. Keep up the interesting work. Now I remember Mullins beach years ago 12 years plus. It had a wider sand bank than today more beach. It always great for bathing and now when I pass by I feel so disappointed to see what is left of it today.

    Still love the beach though just wish more care would be taken of it.