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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thank You

Several years ago this blog started a campaign to improve road safety in the Road View/Mullins Bay area, and 2016 saw the start of the fulfillment of that vision in the covering of a portion of the storm drain/gutter between the Rubis Service Station and the location of the former Kings Beach Hotel, creating the much needed sidewalk pictured above.  At the beginning of  the New Year 2017 we take the opportunity to look back and say thanks to all those who were instrumental in bringing about this critical piece of community infrastructure.

We thank our Parliamentary Representative, the Hon. Edmund Hinkson, who used his good offices to interface with Government on our behalf to see the realization of this community amenity.  We thank Maria Bradshaw and The Nation newspaper for visiting the area and highlighting our plight over the years.  We thank all those who signed our petition or in any other way supported our efforts in making this a matter of urgent public concern.  Finally, we thank the MTW workers who actually provided the manpower in creating this outcome.

Unfortunately, however, even after nearly an entire year of construction the project is still not completed, and the most critical stretch between the service station and the Bombas and Cheers restaurants/bars around a crucial bend in the road remains uncovered.  This bend saw an accident where an area octogenarian was knocked down by a truck and was hospitalized.  Fortunately, she survived and nearly seven (7) years later is still walking along this dangerous piece of roadway.  So, even though we say thanks, we continue to advocate on behalf of our residents and visitors, and hope that long before 2017 comes to and end we can all celebrate this improvement in road safety in Road View/Mullins.   

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  1. Took our lives in our hands walking along there!

  2. thanks frank. I will have to do an update