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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Ethereal Mullins Bay

The heart of Mullins Bay is of course the beach, and this is what is captured in this Kevin Bishop photo. Kevin lives on Mullins Bay and is no doubt in tune with what makes it such a fascinating place where visitors to Barbados love to congregate. Even before the advent of the colorful beach umbrellas and watercrafts Mullins Bay has always been the subject of photographers and artists from all over the globe. I grew up on Mullins Bay myself and in my mind’s eye I can still the early 1950s Ivan Payne rendering of this subject area which hung on our living room wall. Ivan Payne was one of the more famous painters to come from Barbados and himself lived not very from Mullins. The sand is still there and the casuarina trees still tower above all the other vegetation, and the clouds in the sky and the calm waters seem almost ethereal in their beauty and presence. It is great to see that 50-odd years after Ivan painted it Kevin captures the same spirit that makes this spot special.
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