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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Are We Really Ready For CWC2007

Seems like everyday lately we are learning that more and more stuff will not be ready for CWC2007. The latest is that prison at Dodds. I can't say that I fully grasp the relationship between Dodds and CWC2007 but at least the delay does impact tourism development as it holds up a mega tourism project slated for Harrison's Point. We also recently learned that the Intimate Hotels Group will fall short of it's goal to add 500 new rooms by 184. As CWC2007 draws near two things are becoming clearer: (1) no way near the original estimates of guests for the event will be coming, and (2) despite all the initiatives we are still not going to be ready to house those who are in fact coming. Consequently, we are hearing more trumpeting about 20 cruiseships that are supposedly going to take up the slack. In my humble opinion, there is a fat chance of seeing 20 cruiseships in the harbour and off Carlisle Bay all at once but even if I am wrong, what does that say about the number of available beds on an island that has been involved in tourism in a serious way since at least the early 1960s. Sure, Sandy Lane is boasting that it is fully booked for CWC2007 but Sandy Lane has only about 100 beds while we are struggling to house thousands.
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