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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Royal Westmoreland Takes Over Mullins Beach

As was the earlier suspicion, Royal Westmoreland has finally taken over Mullins Beach - at least the spa and the beach bar and restaurant. New signage has now gone up across the road at the spa which is being called Indulgence Spa (like the one at Royal Westmoreland proper) and the walls leading to it now carry the sign - Royal Westmoreland Beach Club. The beach bar and restaurant is still under re-construction but all signs point to that too being re-baptized as Royal Westmoreland. "Morphet has also purchased the famous Mullins Beach Bar and Suga Suga Spa, which are being completely refurbished to form a stunning new beach club for Royal Westmoreland villa owners and renters."

What does this all mean for Mullins Beach? Well, time will tell but Royal Westmoreland does not have a great track record getting along with locals/natives/blacks given their gated-community mindset. Will they also attempt the samething Hamptons International tried back in the 1990s - making it a more "private" enclave for the rich? Already we notice the beach access issue reemerging with the recent disappearance of more of the very limited parking in the area with the ongoing construction of obstructions and sidewalks infront of the telephone exchange. Whatever the outcome, this blog and this writer (whose navel string is buried right here in the Mullins/Bay Field/Road View area) will be watching very carefully. - more -
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  1. great info friend. you let me know more about barbados. greetings from malaysia.

  2. I'm also watching this new development because I was a frequent customer of the Suga Suga Restaurant that was there before and hope that the excellent service and family atmosphere remains the same. I'm planning to have lunch there over the weekend...I'll let you know how it goes :)