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Monday, April 07, 2008

Episode Of The Bachelor Set In Mullins Bay Area

It has come to light on another website that apparently an episode of the popular reality TV show, The Bachelor, was recently set in the Mullins Bay area. The photo above (a screenshot from the show) was taken on a beach in Road View, St. Peter which has become known as Turtle Beach since the luxury beachfront villa, The Great House, was built on that location back in the 1980s. Participants in the show stayed at the US $12K per night villa for the event. This area has seen severe beach erosion recently losing many trees and shrubs. The photo is obviously photoshopped (more greenery/less of the local) to make the location look more idyllic for American audiences. This little beach is located to the south of the defunct Kings Beach Hotel and is shared with a church, The Peoples Worship Centre, and a few small beachfront cottages in Road View including Chattel Jentillia. The beaches at Mullins and Gibbes can be seen in the background. Below is a photo of what the area looked like a few days after the recent storm that washed out parts of Mullins Beach. The Bachelor is on the American TV network, ABC, and is a reality series in which bachelorettes accompany an eligible bachelor on his pursuit to find love.

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  1. If anyone noticed the filming activities, including what the dates are, people in the USA would love to read about that. Already, it's great publicity for your lovely lovely island.