Safety First

Friday, August 15, 2008

Picture Lesson 1

If you have walked along the beaches in the Mullins Bay area you know there is a lot to see and do other than stretching out on a sun bed or joy-riding on a jet-ski. So, I am soliciting the help of the readers of this blog to help describe the scene above. Whether or not you have been to Mullins Bay your reaction to the photo is what this blogger is seeking. Click 'Comments' below to post your thoughts. You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it. Have fun!

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  1. well it's low tide right on the beach, the flat rocks that always come up and can be slippery to walk on. when the sea is still even at high tide you can see them under the water, which is a nice sight.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The photo was taken in the first week of May of this year when for a few days there was an exceptionally low tide. A lot more of the rocks were exposed than is normal. And, yes, extreme care must be taken when walking on any mossy rock.

  3. In posting this picture I was hoping someone would've noticed the gaulin (Green-backed Heron) fishing on the rocks. This is a rare treat as these birds are disappearing as their natural habitat around salt ponds and other standing water are disappearing. This one was obviously attracted to the rocks because of the the very low tide and the chance of catching a fish and/or a crab meal. Incidentally, the rocks in the photo are located behind "The Palace" across from the Texaco service station and can easily be seen from the Mullins Beach Bar area.