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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Webcams & Turtles

You know we are living in interesting times when from the comfort of your home in the UK you can spot a turtle on Mullins Beach heading into the water. That was the experience of one of the contributors on the Barbados TravelAdvisor Forum one morning last week. Thanks to the ever present eye of the webcam located at the Mullins Beach Bar/Royal Westmoreland Beach Club for the past several months magical moments like this one have been experienced live by people thousands of miles from Mullins. People have seen rainbows, spectacular sunsets, etc., and of course, enjoyed from the comfort of wherever they have a computer with an Internet connection - that time-honored and most loved of all beach activities - people-watching.

Yes, the webcam, the same technology that allows video-conferencing and video security and similar other important functions can spot a lowly turtle returning to the sea after a night of egg-laying on the beach. This particular webcam at Mullins Beach is so popular on sites such as TripAdvisor and Barbados TravelAdvisor that recently when the camera was knocked out of focus people in Europe and North America began to experience withdrawal symptoms. As with any webcam there are privacy issues but those all take a backseat when the turtles come marching in.
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  1. we saw a turtle every evening last january and also spotted tracks on the beach in road view. i've often found eggs after a high tide and call the sea turtle project to come and get them. i once watched a bunch of turtles go into the sea near holetown which was an experience. i would imagine the new luxury beach clubs along mullins aren't going to help the turtles at all...