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Sunday, November 30, 2008

November, Remember...

… or is it "September, remember" in the old hurricane mnemonic we learned in primary school?

“June, too soon;
July, stand by;
August, it must;
September, remember;
October, all over.”

We are certainly thankful that Barbados has pulled through yet another hurricane season largely unscathed. Our thoughts and prayers are with our Caribbean neighbors to the north who were battered by what turned out to be the most active hurricane season in the region in living memory. The most damage we sustained in the Mullins area was when eastward-tracking Hurricane Omar in mid-October kicked up huge swells which eroded a large section of beach in Road View and downing at least one coconut tree on the property of the super-luxury The Great House villa.

The beach has come back nicely since then to the point where tourists wanting to avoid the crowds on neighboring Mullins Beach proper can be spotted lounging on the sand in front of Jentillia again.

We are now preparing for the official start of the tourist season in two weeks but already so many visitors are in the area that we are wondering about all the fears about the Global Recession. Of course, we will probably not know the true impact of those concerns until mid-April next year, meanwhile we prepare for, and hope and pray for the best.

Preparing for dinner at Jentillia
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