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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Beach Washed Out Again

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Persistent heavy surf over the last several days has washed out large sections of the beach in the Mullins Bay area yet again.  Not since the last hurricane season last summer/fall including eastward-tracking Hurricane Omar several hundred miles to the north of Barbados has the area suffered such significant damage to the beach.  Our situation continues to be compounded by the disruption in area currents and drifts caused by the groynes placed on the beach by a condo-hotel project under construction in the area.   Even Mullins Beach proper suffered severe sand loss mostly towards its southern end which is now making it almost impossible to walk from Mullins Beach to Gibbes Beach and vice versa.

The area continues to see increasing lost of beach frontage some of which is permanent.  Government has been making noises about Global Warming and the building of boardwalks, revetments and the like along the west coast to mitigate the problem as well as to provide continuous beach access for locals and visitors.  However, those concerns and solutions are nebulous at best and/or in the distant future.  What can be done now to stabilize the beaches in the area, and what this blog continues to call for,  is the removal of the groynes  placed on the beach in Lower Road View ASAP.   This will reverse some of  the damage already done and allow the beaches to naturally regenerate themselves.
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