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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pic Of The Day: Sand Dune at St. Peter's Bay

The picture of the day today is of the growing sand dune north of the northernmost of the three groynes (groins) at St. Peter's Bay Villas in Road View, St. Peter just north of the Mullins Bay area. The sand trapped in front of this groyne is deep and plentiful stretching northwards past the location of the former Sandridge Hotel and the Leamington Pavilion beachfront villa. Leamington now has a sandy beach for the first time in a generation. Indeed, when this photo was taken earlier today this blogger ran into local beach character and watersports businessman, Charlie Kellman, who until recently lived most of his life just north of Leamington. He commented that he had never seen so much sand in the area, and pointed out that the groynes were preventing sand from moving along the beach southward in Road View contributing to the erosion situation a few yards away on the other side of the groynes. He also opined that what should have happened at St. Peter's Bay was what Cobbler's Cove Hotel later did - create an offshore groyne or barrier of stones parallel to the shore which break the waves protecting and creating a sandy beach while not preventing sands from moving along the beach.

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