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Monday, August 17, 2009

Beach Hardening Continues

Work is in progress hardening the beach in front of the site of the demolished Sandridge Hotel where construction is on the way for a new luxury condo complex.  Apparently, the old boulders Sandridge used were not enough to protect the new property from the ravages of the ocean even though it has benefited most from the northernmost groyne of the neighbouring St. Peter's Bay Villas.  The picture above gives a sense of how much sand had to be removed to make way for the new boulders - sand which has been accumulating in front of this groyne for the last three years.  A few coconut trees which adorned the Sandridge property have also been cut down to make way for this bigger, deeper, stronger rock revetment.  O for a thousand diggers to take us back to the time when we didn't need sea walls, groynes and rock revetments which are ultimately only further destroying west coast beaches...

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  1. If we do not start to PROTECT and PRESERVE our west coast beaches we will have none. When all of the beaches on the west coast die, so will part of our tourism industry. Barbadians need to start putting the ENVIRONMENT as their number 1 concern. PLEASE sign my petition to PRESERVE & PROTECT Barbados' LAST mangrove swamp for future generations at: Also visit my new blog

  2. This is very close to where I followed a baby turtle last January as he or she went down to the water. I am sure the impact of this kind of beach disruption has a huge ecological impact..