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Monday, December 21, 2009

It Doesn't Feel Very Christmassy This Year

It has been a rough year here in the Mullins Bay area, and not just because of the Global Economic Recession. The Peoples Worship Centre In Road View didn’t have their annual Christmas Program this year – I wonder why… Maybe, they don’t have much left to sing about this time since they spent all year singing the same 1/2 dozen or so 2-line praise-worship songs from America over and over and over.
O for the days when this church was the center of life of Road View, Mullins, Bakers, Rock Dundo and Lower Carlton. People walked from those areas back then through thunder, lightning and rain to see this church burn with the Gospel. These days very few local people attend but on Sunday mornings the parking lot across the road from it is still filled with cars bearing license plates from as far away as St. Philip, Christ Church and St. Michael, people who do not even bother to greet locals on the street, far less care about the disappearing beach behind the church.

Talking about the disappearing beach, a couple weeks ago the Prime Minister was a couple miles down the road “officially breaking ground” on the new marina at Port Ferdinand of Arrogance when he highlighted Mullins Beach as the poster child for the impact of Climate Change (formerly Global Warming) on Barbados.

thompson He made no mention of how humans contributed to the destruction of the beaches in the Mullins area by the building groynes at St. Peter’s Bay, as that probably would have upset his
Thompson hosts at Port Ferdinand (not to be confused with King Ferdinand of Argon)
brewster who are also responsible for the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay, especially too as they are currently the only game in town in terms of desperately needed construction jobs.

Of course, he may have only been saying what he was told by the civil servants at the Coastal Zone Management Unit who seem to have a vested interest in defending the groynes. Apparently, their latest fear is (and this is a real doozy) that removing the groynes could cause a rushing-sand catastrophe.  Don't know if they anticipate that the beach bar in Mullins or the Rausing family's massive beachfront villa in Gibbes could be buried by the sand the groynes are holding back also.  LOL!

St. Peter’s Bay itself still has not been officially opened yet this month as was recently advertised, but we still have a few days left in the month and the year. And, as we saw with these people at Port Ferdinand of Arrogance, official openings have nothing to do with actual starting or ending dates. In any case, no one is expecting to see any tourists lounging on this stolen beach any time soon as they first have to try to sell a few condos. Good luck with that in this economy!

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