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Friday, March 05, 2010

SHOCKING: CZMU Knew What Was Coming Down The Pike For Mullins Beach

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Is it just me or do you (reader) also smell the rat in the above article carried on page 6 of yesterday's edition of Barbados Today titled "CZMU developing erosion models"?  I am not too bright, but even a casual reading of this article strongly suggests that the Coastal Zone Management Unit has and is continuing to develop models capable of predicting the likely erosion impact on our beaches for both long and short term swell activity around the island.  Lorhavismercy (pardon my Bajan), you mean to tell me three weeks ago these shams knew four (4) days in advance that bigger than normal swells were headed for the west coast and, in their opinion,  it was not their responsibility to warn anybody about them and their likely consequences?

We know they were/are probably preoccupied with the media elsewhere in stemming all the corruption oozing out of their offices lately, but one Friday morning last summer this blogger witnessed the CZMU having a big fight on the beach with people helping a property owner with a few boulders to stop his house falling into the sea, and by the following Sunday (in less than two (2) days) the Coastal Zone Management Unit had the Advocate come out with the big and bold frontpage headline - "NOT SO FAST!  CZMU tells property owners to follow procedure. "  What's the use of this government agency?  Whose side are they really on?  Do they not care that Mullins Beach (one of the best beaches on the west coast according to Conde Nast, and they should know good beaches) has been destroyed?  Do they not care that one small, black Bajan entrepreneur has not been able to rent his beach umbrellas and sunbeds for the last three weeks because there is no beach on which to set them up?  Where is the Minister of Tourism on all of this?  Where is the Minister of The Environment?  I am sorry, but winning and dining a few repeat visitors at Illaro Court, as we are reading about today in the same Advocate newspaper, does not cut the mustard on Mullins Beach.

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  1. I hear your frustration and feel your pain. I don't know why the PM does not hurry up already with his cabinet reshuffle and get rid of Sealy and Lowe. They have been spectacular failures as Ministers. There is little doubt that moving Arni Walters to manage the drought was a vote of no confidence in Lowe. Sealy is out of his league in Tourism. He cannot hold a candle to Chastenet in St. Lucia who has that country's tourism sector ticking like a clock and powering that country's economy pass Barbados. Thompson needs to get rid of these clowns before they sink his entire government.