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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sitting Cushy

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So, the St. Peter's Bay condo project in Lower Road View, St. Peter (photo above taken earlier today) is finally nearing completion and getting ready for its official opening hopefully next month as the winter tourist season is ending. There is an irony in there somewhere but I can't quite place my finger on it. Maybe it has something to do with the rumour that they were trying to open three (3) months ago. The project has three (3) controversial groynes on the beach out front, has undergone at least three (3) name changes in the last three (3) years, and despite their recent claim that they were not selling anything before completion, after more than three (3) years of doing just that on huge billboards out front and back, on the Internet and heaven only knows where else, rumour now has it that they have already sold a grand total of three (3) of the approximately 60 "luxury condos." As bad as that may sound, St. Peter's Bay may still be sitting as cushy as the plush loungers under the orange umbrellas around the pool area given the deep pockets (both local and international) associated with it, and the fact that its developers have already started two other major tourism related projects in the area - a rumoured ultra-luxury condo block next door on the former Sandridge Hotel site, and a condo/marina project at Retreat, St. Peter.
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