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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Should Not Have Happened

Accident Caused By Government Negligence(click image to enlarge)

Two years ago this blog drew attention to the dangers posed to pedestrians in the Road View/Mullins/Gibbses area by vehicular traffic and the poor state of the main road which traverses the area complicating those problems.  Nothing has been done since then towards implementation of the numerous recommendations, some of which could have prevented the accident in Road View yesterday morning which sent an 80-year old senior citizen and area resident to the hospital with her life hanging by a thread.  She was trying to cross the road to avoid a difficult to negotiate stretch complicated by an uncovered storm water drain or gutter on one side of the road.  She had to choose between walking in traffic around a dangerous bend or trying to straddle the gutter (pictured above) - a challenging task for the fittest of us, much less an octogenarian.

What are we waiting for to cover this ditch and create a proper sidewalk in this heavily trafficked tourist area? Are we waiting for a photo of a tourist in the state pictured above to be plastered all over the British or Canadian media before we act? Did we not learn anything from the the Long Beach incident last year when our Government and the local media with egg all over their faces were hiding from the international media and the blogosphere? How many more must die or be maimed for life because of these damned Neanderthal ditches in a 21st century economy? Of course, this blogger is not suggesting that a visitor's life is more worthy than that of locals, but tourism is our livelihood and this ditch is a threat to it. More and more tourists are forced to use this road because they can no longer walk along the beach thanks to the groynes in the area that have destroyed the beach. This blog has also been calling for the removal of those groynes for nearly four years to no avail.

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