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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

OMG, it's "Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory"!

St. Peter's Bay Barbados

Don't laugh, but the above title of this post was the reaction of one frequent visitor to the island on seeing a recent photo of St. Peter's Bay posted on the Barbados TravelAdvisor forum. Other reactions were not quite so charitable; one called it an "abomination," another - a "monstrosity," and yet another hoped "it sinks into the swamp its built on..." One local has described it as the third ugliest building between Bridgetown and Speightstown, surpassed only by the Eagle Hall Market and The Sands in Sandy Lane. Clearly, it is not the product of one of Ian Morrison's more inspired moments but I suppose beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder and is probably also colorblind. Word on the street is that they have sold so far a grand total of 5 of the 57 apartments (probably all to investors in the project).

Of course, the larger "abominations" continue to be the groynes and the destruction of the Dark Hole community which have received a lot of attention on this blog. Curiously, recently there appeared one of those Government sponsored "Public Access To Beach" signs in front of the property. However, when one sets out to follow the path to the beach (as pictured below) one quickly runs into another recently posted sign up against the high fence on the south side of the property which reads: "Temporary Beach Access." I suppose what this all means will shortly become clearer, but given the "abominations" just cited, in more ways than one, I suspect the latter sign is more accurate.

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