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Thursday, July 01, 2010 Runs Another Infomercial For St. Peter's Bay

About a week ago our friends at "Road View Amped" posted about the empty houses on St. Peter's Avenue, and lo and behold, this week the which has been ignoring this story since last year suddenly got religion or something and came out with what can only be meant as a reply, apparently commissioned by St. Peter's Bay. I said "apparently" because I am having a hard time believing that my good friends at The Nation would write such piffle on their own accord, and we do know that the PR people at St. Peter's Bay read our blog and have posted comments here. The piece itself, entitled "Ongoing Transaction," was more interesting from the point of view of what it didn't say rather than for what little it did say:

"MORE church lands are either being put into commercial development by the clergy or bought by developers for high-end property development.
This 57-condominium project – Saint Peter’s Bay Barbados, funded by Jada Builders’ boss Bjorn Bjerkhamn and an American partner – went on sale in January. It sits on four acres of beachfront land at Road View, St Peter, adjacent to a 15 000 square foot tract owned by the Methodist Church in Barbados.
Project manager Betty Cathrow said the Methodists’ property is the subject of an ongoing purchase transaction between the church and Jada Builders for future development."

No mention is made of the five living and breathing families which are being uprooted and tossed out of the way so that million-dollar homes-away-from-home can be created for the idle, foreign super-rich. As far as The Nation, the Methodist Church and Jada are concerned, these nameless, faceless souls are but bit-players, mere objects in an "ongoing purchase transaction" between the Methodist Church and the developers of St. Peter's Bay. I suppose when you reduce people in this way it makes it easier to get rid of them.

When was the last time in our history where money, religion and power joined hands in such a diabolical union of objectification and marginalization? Oh yes, how can we ever forget? It was 175 years ago when our forefathers and foremothers were slaves on the plantation, numbers on a balance sheet, and soul-less demons to be subjugated. That this is happening again in Barbados (which, by the way, still prides itself as one of the more enlightened post-colonial nations in the world) In The Year Of Our Lord 2010 and nobody, not first, not second, not third, not fourth nor fifth estate, is saying anything about it - is simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g to behold and read about on the Internet.
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