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Monday, April 18, 2011

If a tree falls on a beach ...

Newly fallen coconut tree at The Great House/Kings Beach -
compare photo in last post - "Paradise Lost"

Another coconut tree came down yesterday on the beach in Road View/Mullins. "Well," you might ask, "why should we care? Don't trees fall on the beach all the time?" We can wax philosophical on these questions as indeed some have already done with the old riddle - "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" - which we can paraphrase here as - if a tree tree falls on a beach... Whether or not yesterday this tree made a sound, or splash for that matter, the larger question we should all be be concerned with is whether we should make a sound or splash about it.

If we are truly concerned about the erosion in the Mullins Bay area we should make a noise about it because it is yet another example of the fact that we are rapidly losing this beach, and if we continue on our current "do-nothing" path we can kiss goodbye to whatever we cherish about sandy beaches in this area.  Frankly, I do not believe our local CZMU really cares about Mullins Bay and trees falling.  If they did, they could not have approved the groynes at St. Peter's Bay five years ago nor this seawall at The Great House two years ago which have been nothing but bad news since they have been visited upon us.

We have seen in our area almost all of the negative effects of groynes and seawalls known universally within the last several years.  The above video clearly demonstrates a few.  The headland at The Great House/Kings Beach is now completely eroded and under water most of the time - goodbye long walks on a sandy beach.  A strong backwash comes off this seawall which sometimes produces a strong rip current making this beach unsafe for swimming.   And, this is just the beginning, if things are so bad now - just wait until one of those prolonged winter storms or, God forbid, a hurricane comes our way.  This is why the loss of a single tree in our area is such a cataclysmic event and should be heard on every hilltop in Barbados and beyond.

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  1. I remember walking along there with LOADS if room betrween the sea & the land

  2. I wanted to post the above as Johnthed0g but I had to put anon!

  3. I know, JTD, it is hard to believe it's gone and will probably not come back unless we can get The Powers That Be to do something about it. That task has become the burden of this blog. The Great House apparently lost interest in the beach as soon as they got their 20' steel piles driven into the beach and their concrete and rock revetment in place. They still advertise themselves as "beachfront" but "waterfront" is probably more accurate, and that will be the description of the rest of Road View/Mullins sooner than we fear.