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Monday, May 23, 2011

Road View Landmark Meets The Bulldozer

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It stood proudly for generations but not even its more than a foot thick coral stone walls were any match for the few hours it took a bulldozer operator to bring it to the ground.  Yes, "Belair" aka "The Palace" was demolished today just over a month after what many thought was going to be only a renovation finally got on the way.  Word on the street today is that the contractor didn't find any steel in the building so it had to be demolished.  Who knew that current engineers, architects, and contractors in Barbados didn't know that coral stone buildings from the period when this house was built didn't have steel reinforcement?  The whole things smacks of deception, and this blogger is guessing that the people who love old buildings aren't the only ones being tricked here.  Overall, another sad day in Road View.

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