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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Size Matters

By popular request our membership challenge has been extended and expanded. The new goal is a membership of 250 by midnight Friday, July 1, 2011. Yes, the sad truth is that size really does matter especially when we are raising awareness of environmental, ecological, economic and social concerns, and challenging the-powers-that-be to provide solutions. If you have not done so already, now is your big opportunity to join the Save Mullins Bay cause during our first big membership challenge. By now you have probably heard of or seen the power of social media at work to effect change, from the frivolous flash mobs to the seismic societal, political and economic shifts now rocking the Arab World. It is this same power we want to tap into in order bring about the changes we seek for the restoration of the Mullins Bay area beaches. Hence, numbers are important, and the reason for this membership challenge.

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Here is what to do to take part in our membership challenge:

(1) Sign up with Facebook if you have not done so already.

(2) Join the Save Mullins Bay Cause if you have not done so already.

(3) Click on the green “Invite Friends” button on the cause site to send invitations.

(4) If you don't care to join Facebook but have friends who use it, click on the "Share" button or the "Envelope" icon below to email them this post along with the following message:

Dear Friend,

I am a supporter of the Save Mullins Bay Cause - a local and online grassroots effort with the singular purpose of rolling back the environmental, ecological, social and economic destruction of the Mullins Bay area and beyond in Barbados through actualizing the full restoration of area beaches. I am inviting you to join this cause by visiting today.

[insert your name]

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