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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Selling Our Birthright For A Mess Of Pottage


Now that they have demolished "The Palace" - the old Road View landmark - to make way for some foreigner's idea of a tropical beachfront paradise, one of our main concerns has been what kind of sea defense would be built and will it help or hinder beach access.  A walk by the construction site revealed that they have busted out the old seawall, pulled out the old tamarind tree, and appear to be building much closer to the water than previously existed.  As you can see from the mossy rocks left by the low tide this would leave no room to walk along the beach between Mullins Beach and points north.  And, this is a very sensitive area that has seen severe erosion even before the cursed groynes.  If this doesn't qualify as one of the structures that can cause the "catastrophic results" the CZMU warned of just over a year and a half ago, it should.

As is always the case with this builder in Road View, there is the usual lack of transparency, and the community being kept totally in the dark about what is really going on.  For a while we thought they were keeping and/or just remodeling the old building until one day - boom - they brought in the bulldozer and tore the whole thing down.  Local people who have wanted to tear down and rebuild in this area have been told in the past that it is too close to the road and the sea so they can only repair or move.  How does a foreigner get permission to practically build in the water is stunning to say the least.  When is this country going to stop selling its birthright for "a mess of [foreign exchange] pottage?"   


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