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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Another week - yet another car-bus accident by the Texaco service station in Road View/Mullins

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Click here to read about previous accidents at this location.

Click here or on the widget top left to petition the Ministry Of Transport & Works to investigate and implement necessary changes to preserve life and limb.  If you use Hwy 1B through Road View/Mullins, the life you save could be your own.


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  1. 16 hours ago
    Hi Frank - hope all is well. Question for you...Why has no one from Barbados, besides you, signed the petition? I know there are a few expats and tourists that have signed...and I know the accidents have been discussed in the [Facebook] St. Peter group. I'm just curious as to why there isn't more locals signing. Is it apathy? Or worried about the authorities? People in Canada love signing petitions. I think people sign them here without even knowing what they are signing. lol 
    Just curious as to your thoughts. I think it's a great democratic way to bring issues to the forefront. Keep up the good work!

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    15 hours agoFrank Holder
    I am as baffled as you are, ... You may have seen the following piece I wrote on the St. Peter group last night:

    "Yes, signing the petition is important. I am not pressuring anyone to do so, but I am a little disappointed that of the eleven signatures we have received so far only one (moi) is currently resident in Barbados. All the others (except you, Val) are tourists (people who visit Barbados, love the island and are familiar with Road View/Mullins). Why is it so hard to get Bajans to do something that may be in their interest? Bet ef I did inviting dem to a wukkup session on Mullins Beach dem would be dey doah."

    It's not about the beach and the groynes and the politics involved so there should be nothing to be afraid of. Maybe they all think I am a kook or something - always wanting people to join something or the other - who knows???

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    If you think this is a worthy cause click the link below to sign the “Road View & Mullins Beach Road Safety Petition.” If you have signed already, still click the link to share it with your Facebook and/or Twitter friends or to add a reason why you signed the petition. Whether you do or you don’t - have a good day!

    Click here to sign:

  2. Road View & Mullins Beach Road Safety Petition Update

    23 people have signed the petition so far of which 22 are resident overseas. This is very troubling especially as I have made a point of personally messaging some Road View/Mullins neighbours and residents on this matter. However, with or without signatures from Barbados this petition is going forward.

    In this regard I am happy to report that this past week our parliamentary representative (St. James North), Hon. Rawle C. Eastmond J.P., M.P., has added his voice on our behalf in the form of a letter to the relevant government authorities which he has copied to me. He may not be able to do a lot sitting in Opposition but this gesture says he cares. Although this is not a partisan political effort, in the interest of full disclosure I want add that the presumptive candidate of the other party was also notified of this petition via his Facebook account but I have heard nothing back.

    Road View and Mullins can seem very remote from Eagle Hall and President Kennedy Drive but road safety is just as great a concern here. Sign this petition today and share it with your friends and neighbours.

    The life you save could be your own.
    Sign the Road View & Mullins Beach Road Safety Petition -

  3. I just take a peek and I suddenly discovered your post. Accident can be happen at all times so we should be always careful and alert. I agree that the life you save could be your own. Big thanks for sharing.


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