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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sandridge Long Farewell

We will pass yet another milestone in the long trip Sandridge Hotel is taking to the scrap heap this coming Friday, November 1 when the furniture and other items on the property go on sale to the general public.  Sorry, this blogger will not be attending the sale so former guests don’t ask to pick up souvenirs and/or other memorabilia.  Hotel sales are usually rowdy affairs in Barbados with hundreds, if not thousands, of people jostling and pushing each other with quarreling and fighting in mix, all over what at best might only be a pile of crap still left after those with connections had already made off with the loot.  It is still with some sadness that we witness the demise of the second of the three hotels in Road View, St. Peter  (the first to go being Kings Beach Hotel  - with Cobblers Cove Hotel now the only one now left). 

On the bright side for those who prefer the smaller more  intimate hotel atmosphere, Bayfield House was recently opened in Mullins several hundred yards to the south.  Although it is not beachfront like King Beach or Sandridge it is close enough to the water’s edge to allow its guests the same pleasures of easily walking the beaches as guests of the former two hotels loved to do - that is, what is left of the beaches in the area now that they have been decimated by the groins placed by the developers of the condo project next door to Sandridge.   Two of those groins can be seen in the picture below, as well as part of Sandridge among the trees.  If you enlarge the photo you may also see the patio hot tubs they are installing in one of the blocks of condos closest to Sandridge.   When Sandridge finally comes down to become part of this condo project the building will be gone but the memories it created will live on in the hearts and minds of its former guests, staff, and the people of Road View who hosted it in their community for several decades.

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  1. I am sure the vultures will be out buying crap for more money than what they cost new. It seems that second hand goods can fetch higher prices than brand new stuff. Only in Barbados !! I will definitely miss this one!!!