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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Earth Map Of Devastated Mullins Bay Area

Google Earth map of devastated Mullins Bay area
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"Any coastal structure designed to trap or hold sand in one location will, without question, deprive another area of that sand.  In simple terms, any structure (including terminal groins) that traps sand will cause erosion elsewhere."

"Groins can impact nearshore circulation by directing currents offshore, especially during storms." 

The [above quotations] represent the opinions of the vast majority of [North Carolina, USA] coastal geologists: Dr. Rob Young (WCU), Dr Len Pietrafesa (NCSU), Dr Stan Riggs (ECU), Dr. J.P. Walsh (ECU), Dr. Steve Culver (ECU), Dr. Dave Mallinson (ECU), Dr. Pete Peterson (UNC-CH), Dr. Tony Rodriguez (UNC-CH), Dr. Matt Stutz (Meredith), Dr. Duncan Heron (Duke).

Save Mullins Bay
Road View, St. Peter

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1 comment:

  1. I kept seeing these posts from Save Mullins Bay on other forums and decided to see for myself what was going on so yesterday I visited Road View and had a chat with some of the people there. Firstly, I have to say that seeing the beach was an absolute shock. I had known this beach for many years and was not prepared for the scope of the disaster even from the pictures in the newspapers. I never wanted to become an environmentalist but after seeing what three manmade groynes can do I have to become one now.

    That brings me to my second emotion - IRATE. I am mad as hell at the government both BLP and DLP for selling out the people of Road View to a Scandinavian who is destroying some of the best beaches on the island. If an American had done something like this the whole country would be screaming bloody murder, but apparently there is something romantic about being screwed royally by a Scandinavian.

    The word on the street in Road View is that Owen Arthur overrode Coastal to approve the groynes but they still will not be moved because Be-Jerk-man has switched political allegiances and now has David Thompson in his back pocket, as one person aptly put it. Now they are all pretending to the country that they do not know what is going on. Like hell they don’t know! It has only been in the papers three times in three weeks and on the frontpage twice, they don’t read the leading newspaper in the country? How the hell could the British Government send an environmental team from Trinidad to investigate but the Barbados Government does not know there is a big problem in Road View? How does that happen? Where the hell is the Minister of the Environment who promised that he was going to visit the area three weeks ago? Well, well, well, look at what Barbados is coming to. I hang my head in shame.