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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beach Disaster In Mullins Makes Frontpage News For The Second Time In 2 Weeks: Ruling apparatchiks still unmotivated to visit

For the second time in less than two weeks the beach disaster unfolding in the Mullins area has made frontpage news in the local press.  However, in spite of promises made over a week ago to press, and through them to area residents, we have not yet seen the Minister of The Environment or anyone else with the political clout to reassure residents that Government cares about their plight.  Apparently, they are waiting for the photo op after the beach has recovered some sand and one property owner with the resources has spent several hundred thousand dollars on remedial work on their private beachfront property.  Meanwhile, others who cannot afford such short-term and/or long-term protection works are left in the lurch.

On a positve note Save Mullins Bay would like to take this opportunity is to thank those who took the time out of your busy schedules last night to attend and contribute to the first community meeting addressing concerns over the state of beach erosion in the Mullins Bay area.  It is a small beginning but as the Good Book says, "...never despise the day of small beginnings."  What's important is that the first tentative steps in the right direction were taken in the effort to save Mullins Bay as a public amenity for the enjoyment of all Barbadians and visitors to the island in the process of protecting private property and addressing the attendant ecological and environmental interests involved.

Save Mullins Bay
Road View, St. Peter

Please find below a link to and copy of today's frontpage article on

Working to repair Mullins Bay

Above, the visitors chatting with a Barbadian on the beach. (Picture by Donnay Deane.)

Published on: 5/27/2009.

WORKMEN from Marenco Ltd., a local marine construction company, are still busy lining the shoreline in Mullins Bay, St Peter, with boulders to protect properties from further damage.

Mullins Bay Beach has almost vanished and some beachfront properties have been damaged. Residents believe that apart from the unusual sea swells and bad weather conditions, three groynes built by developers of the new St Peter's Bay villas in nearby Road View have also contributed to the beach erosion there.

They are calling for the groynes to be removed. Residents and business owners were due to have a meeting last night to decide on their next move.

Yesterday, a NATION team spotted a visitor as she stood in amazement on the ugly, sharp rocks which have replaced the lovely white sand that was once Mullins Bay Beach.

The woman had brought her children out to play, but instead of building sand castles, they were searching through the rubble.
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