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Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Pics Of The "Tourism Environmental Awareness Sundown Beach"... Wade?

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Here are the waders, oops, walkers just rounding the corner from Gibbes Beach in the background silhouetted against the seawall of the High Trees beach villa.  Note the still exposed foundations of the seawalls ahead of them at the southern end of Mullins Beach.
Here they are entering Mulins Beach as viewed from the beach in Road View.
Waddling over the sharp stones and wading into the water in front of The Great House in Road View.
No quite prepared for the water baptism, some walkers turned back at this point to head for the highway complaining that the water was waist deep and too much for the small children they brought with them.  However, the vast majority of the walkers successfully negotiated this spot which is the current Ground Zero for the impact of the groynes a hundred yards to the north.

The high point for this blogger was the chance meeting for the first time with Dr. Leo Brewster, the Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit, on Ground Zero and an opportunity for an impromptu and brief interview, and - totally unplanned - in the presence of a section of the print media.  He was gracious but clearly uneasy with the line of questioning.  Consequently, his answers were at best evasive.  When asked what they were doing to rectify the situation at Road View he basically said we have to wait for the beach to recover on its own.  Well, the only problem with that is - it can't when the sand is being hogged by three groynes around the corner.  When asked about the removal of the groynes, he basically passed the buck to the Town Planning Department and reiterated the bureacratic process involved.  The bottom line is, and we got it from the horse's mouth, except for the work they, CZMU, authorized at The Great House which he lauded (placing boulders along the beach), nothing is being done in terms of a long-term solution for the recovery of  a sandy beach for the area.

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  1. Sad to see how badly the beach has been damaged.

  2. Minding Muh BiznessSun Jun 28, 08:00:00 AM

    Were you surprised by Dr. Brewster’s evasiveness? The moment he opens his mouth to criticized the groynes the government becomes liable for all the damage they have caused, which as you know is currently well over half a million dollars and climbing. At least you now know which side Brewster is on, that of the wealthy condo developers destroying the beach. It’s amazing that these guys could come up with a phrase like “tourism environmental awareness.” What a silly joke! They obviously think all the people in Barbados are fools but these games they are playing with the people cannot go on forever.