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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dark Hole Plight In Spotlight

The plight of the little community in Road View affectionately known as Dark Hole has finally reached the mainstream media, and for the second time this year the heavy-handedness and abusiveness on the part of the developers of St. Peter's Bay Villas is on display for the nation to see:

"A SMALL, CLOSE-KNIT COMMUNITY in Road View, St Peter, is being uprooted and relocated because the developers of the multimillion-dollar St Peter's Bay condominium project want the land they live on... "
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These are the same people who gave us the groynes and the destruction of the beaches in Road View/Mullins Bay. The same backdoor and mysterious way the poor people in Dark Hole are being uprooted is the same modus operandi that saddled us with the environmental, ecological and economic beach disaster Mullins Bay has become since the installation of the groynes. What's shocking about this latest episode is that they have now corrupted even the church with their filthy lucre, and the same duplicity and cover-up we saw on the part of the government agencies with respect to the groynes, we see again this time coming from the Methodist Church. Indeed the good book reminds us that - "... the love of money is the root of all evil."

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Meanwhile, trees weakened by the groynes continue to tumble in the area - this latest one on "World Famous" Mullins Beach proper. We have seen this before at Kings Beach, April 2007, and just south at The Great House, November 2008 and May 2009, and we know what it foreshadows. Five months ago (before the last bout of really bad seas in the area) one resident in a letter to The Barbados Advocate predicted that in "five years" very little beach would be left at Mullins Beach if nothing is not done urgently. Given that the sand at Mullins Beach's southern end has not returned since it was washed out last May and the roots of the coconut trees near this recently fallen one have been exposed since March 2008, we are very lucky if we get another "five months."

Are we prepared to turn our backs on Mullins Beach and all that implies economically and environmentally, in the same way we have turned our backs on Dark Hole and all that implies socially and morally?

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  1. A disgrace what are the planners/governmnent thinking of! Ruining this part of the island with no thought for the residents or visitors who have been coming for years. Tourism is valuable to Barbados, this is turning people away.

  2. This is really another shameful chapter in the destruction of Road View.

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