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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cove Bay To River Bay -via- Mullins Bay

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The large colourful ad appearing in the press promoting the latest Coastal Zone Management Unit's sponsored "Sundown Beach Walk" (they dropped the "Tourism Evironmental" bit this time, hmmm) has caught our attention here in Mullins Bay since it prominently features two shots from a similar walk through our area last summer. The top photo shows walkers strolling along the sand on Mullins Beach in front of Royal Westmoreland's Mullins Restaurant, but the middle photo shows walkers just a stone's throw away to the north gingerly negotiating sharpe rocks on the beach and wading through high water in the area which was devastated by southerly swells last spring, which latter area also became the poster child in another section of the press for the environmental disaster Mullins Bay has become as a result of the accelerated narrowing of the beach influenced by the three rock groynes in front of the soon to be opened St. Peter's Bay Villas.

It was behind the exposed roots of the fallen almond tree in the middle photo that the head of the CZMU was confronted on that walk by this blogger. He took responsibility for approval of the groynes but claimed that removal is another matter for another government department. Since that time we have heard nothing as to whether or not CZMU ever got the two years of data on the groynes which they had supposedly requested from St. Peter's Bay which they were again "supposedly" going to use to come up with their own evaluation and recommendations to the other government department. The Minister responsible for the environment never showed up in the area like he promised, neither has the Minister responsible for tourism. Who knows, perhaps they are all waiting to show up for the cocktails next month at the official opening of St. Peter's Bay.

An even more interesting and stunning development was the puff pieces earlier this week on St. Peter's Bay and its developer by the same reporter who earlier covered the environmental and social crises in the area. Not one word was said about the groynes and the destruction in their downdrift. Has everyone who knows anything about these matters suddenly been striken with amnesia? Everyone except the CZMU's graphic artist who consistently provides enough fodder to keep the Save Mullins Bay effort alive? Thanks again, CZMU, and may you meet with friendlier "currents" on the "cliff top" between Cove Bay and River Bay this weekend than you did last summer in the downdrift of the groynes on the "beach" in Road View/Mullins.

(P.S. As "luck" would have it, it was just pointed out to this blogger that the CZMU did make a "Friday 13th" statement on this matter.")

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