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Friday, December 23, 2011

Oi Yoi Yoi Something's Happening

It looks like we are witnessing a new chapter in the Kings Beach saga.  After many years of laying derelict the property was debushed  and cleaned up over the last few weeks and a construction fence has gone up around it.  As per usual here in Barbados no announcements were made about what's going on here - far-less any attempt to involve the local community which has to live with whatever gets built; and then we say we want to be a developed country by whenever ...  What we do know is that Kings Beach was sold last September (supposedly to The Great House next door).  Then there was a rumour that both The Great House and Kings Beach Hotel were to be torn down to make way for some other tourism development.  There was also a rumour that The Great House had flipped the property within days of the purchase.  Now there is a rumour that a five-storey condo complex is to be constructed on the site which for years already had the necessary planning approval for such a project.  Oi yoi yoi, just what we always wanted in Road View for Christmas -  Santa Claus with his bag of fifty more empty and slow-selling condos.

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  1. They cant sell the ones at St Peters Bay! What on earth are they thinking of allowing even more condos on that stretch of Road View!

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