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Friday, February 03, 2012

Time To Head For Mullins Beach

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"The UK is set for another bitterly cold night with temperatures possibly reaching -12C, forecasters have said. Sennybridge in south Wales recorded minus 11.3C (11.7F) on Thursday night and the Met Office has severe weather warnings in place until Sunday. It has warned that heavy snow could fall across much of England and Wales, with southern and central areas likely to be the worst hit. Sport has been hit by the weather, with several Football League matches off. Two race meetings - at Sandown Park and Wetherby - have also been called off due to frozen tracks. The AA says it has been receiving 1,800 calls an hour from motorists. Snow is forecast for much of the country on Saturday, with central and eastern parts of England expecting 5-10cm (up to 4in). BBC weather forecaster Alex Deakin said: "It's from tomorrow [Saturday] afternoon, and through the evening, overnight into Sunday, we are expecting some heavy snowfall across the central and eastern counties of England. "Certainly a few centimetres, possible as much as 10cm in some places. And, yes, that is expected to cause a few problems." He said the cold conditions were likely to continue into the early part of next week. Areas expected to record snowfall of up to 15cm include Cumbria, Lincolnshire, East Anglia, North Yorkshire and the Peak District. The Met Office has issued amber cold weather alerts for a large swathe of the country. This alerts organisations, including Age UK, to the health risks to elderly and ill people. It will remain in place at least until Sunday. The temperature at Sennybridge was a record low for this winter and similar temperatures were recorded in the villages of Benson in Oxfordshire and Braemar in Aberdeenshire."
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