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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Low Visitor Arrivals Spark Sunbed War On Mullins Beach

In an earlier post this blog called attention to the impact of the global economic recession and the current low tourist season on Mullins Beach - particularly upon the small watersports operators and beach vendors. Now it seems that impact is being felt even by the big player on the beach - Royal Westmoreland Beach Club. Apparently, Royal Westmoreland was happily co-existing with the other two small sunbed vendors on the beach until now that their guest numbers have fallen through the floor. In the past when times were good they pretty much ignored other visitors to the beach and focused mainly on their villa owners and their guests who had free access to their sunbeds. However, now that these numbers are down they have suddenly and aggressively started going after the day-trippers - dropping their rates and all in the process.

Naturally, this has not gone down well with the other sunbed vendors who were actually on the beach long before Royal Westmoreland arrived on the scene. They are claiming that Royal Westmoreland does not have a license to rent sunbeds to the general public - but one only to operate a beach club for their owners and guests; and further, that Royal Westmoreland's "salaried employees" should not be "taking bread off their table" as "hand-to-mouth" daily-bread earners. Tempers have flared and tensions are high. Stay tuned.
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