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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CZMU Plugs It's Rockley & Welches Babies But Ignores Mullins Bay

CZMU ad celebrating Arbor Day (click to enlarge)

100+ Yr. old Manchineel tree lost to the groynes (click image to enlarge)


Coconut tree which fell last month on Mullins Beach (click image to enlarge)

This blogger continues to be miffed by the Coastal Zone Management Unit whose latest insult involves a giant ad in one local paper purportedly celebrating Arbor Day plugging their tree and shrub planting at Rockley and Welches while ignoring ongoing destruction of vegetation in the Mullins Bay area.  In two separate posts last month this blog called attention to the disappearing beachfront vegetation in Mullins and what it portends.  One dealt with the cutting down of the last manchineel tree between Gibbes and Cobblers Cove, and the other with a fallen coconut tree on Mullins Beach proper.  Of course, CZMU continues to be in denial that three piles of boulders (otherwise called groynes or groins) which they approved and were planted on the beach in the Mullins Bay area have anything to do with the ongoing destruction of the natural trees and shrubs in the area - most of which have come down (in their speak) "during periods of wave erosion."  This blogger does salute the CZMU for its efforts at Rockley and Welches, but it's their consistency that is being called into question here.  You cannot truthfully be celebrating Arbor Day in Christ Church while destroying trees and shrubs in St. Peter.

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  1. well said KNRX

  2. Shame on the Coastal Zone Management Unit for promoting Arbor Day with fake pictures of shrubs and trees. What further proof do we need that Dr. Brewster and his gang are fakes?