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Sunday, August 22, 2010

High Turtle Drama In Road View Last Night

"‘Tis the season for turtle nesting, which starts June and ends September.

On average, an adult female will nest every two to four years, laying eggs three to five times per season. Studies have shown that she will nest on or near the same beach where she was born 20 to 30 years earlier.

The hawksbill turtle prefers to nest at night near or in natural beach vegetation in dry sand well above the high-water mark..."

The above photo and quotation were borrowed from a article titled "Keeping turtles safe" which ran back in June around the starting of the current turtles nesting season. It reminded readers of what to expect over the season and of what are they responsibilities. However, it made no mention of what could happen in areas like ours here in Road View/Mullins where beaches have been destroyed by un-turtle-friendly tourism development projects. Click on the link below to read about such an incident which recently occurred in our area.

Barbados TravelAdvisor - View topic - High Turtle Drama In Road View Last Night

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  1. i'm heartened that road view looked out for a turtle, but i was shocked to read last week in Barbados Today about a turtle that was mutilated near the former Chefette's in Holetown...