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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Conde Nast Traveler's Highlights Plight Of Mullins Bay Area

For the last four years this blog has been the proverbial voice crying in the wilderness calling attention to the environmental, social and economic disaster that has befallen the Road View/Mullins area as a result of ongoing beach erosion. Those cries have largely fallen on death ears in Bridgetown, apathy on the part of most Barbadians, and intimidation and victimization from a small but powerful few. Truth be told, many times this blogger was tempted to throw in the towel, but it was always a sense of the truthfulness, righteousness and justice of the cause, and the calling - if not me, who? - that strengthened and sustained even in the darkest hours.  Today that struggle and sacrifice are validated by Conde Nast Traveler's (one of the largest and most trusted travel publishers in the world) selecting and highlighting Mullins Bay, Barbados as one of their seven "beach destinations around the world in danger of disappearing forever due to forces such aserosion, pollution, rising sea levels,reckless overdevelopment, and sand mining. "

It represents not just the power of the Internet to give a voice to the voiceless, but also the efficacy and validation of blogging as a tool to bring about social, economic and environmental change.  That change is still a future goal, but this Conde Nast posting is reassuring us that day cannot be far away.  This is not the first time Conde Nast has highlighted the destruction of the west coast of Barbados, so the question has to be - how long can the powers that be continue to ignore them and others calling attention to the problems and hope to maintain a competitive tourism economy in Barbados?

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  1. Barbados Coastal Zone Management Unit continues to stick its head in the groynes. Click here to read their response in this Barbados Today article.

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  3. Barbados' Coastal Zone Management Unit continues to stick its head in its groins. Click here to read their response to in this Barbados Today article.

  4. Re: "Inniss said while her agency did not engage in back and forth arguments about the coastline, given the expertise that was required to fully understand the issues involved, she said though that she was confident in the skills of the engineers within the department."

    The CZMU would not need to "engage in back and forth arguments" if they were not privately saying one thing and publicly saying something else about what happened in Road View/Mullins. There are probably more important issues involved here than the CZMU's engineering skills.