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Thursday, September 02, 2010

East Moon Chinese Restaurant Closed

East Moon under roof repairs Spring '08

East Moon Chinese Restaurant which has been a landmark in "Upper" Road View for many years closed its doors at the end of last month (August '10).  However, they will soon be re-opening those doors in "Lower" Road View - if you draw the border between Upper and Lower at the canal between the abandoned Kings Beach Hotel and The Great House.  As a sign of the current economic times the Chinese Restaurant which enjoys very favorable reviews could no longer afford the $8K/month rent (word on the street).  The building is still owned by the doctor who previously occupied it for his medical practice.

New home of East Moon Chinese Restaurant & Bar

East Moon is moving to the building across from the abandoned Kings Beach previously occupied by the defunct Chattel House Bar & Grill.  We want to wish East Moon every success in its new location, but it must be noted that it is smaller than the old location and it comes with much less parking which will definitely impact both their takeout and dining room businesses.  On a positive note, it will be much closer to the two newest and largest tourism developments in Road View - the completed St. Peter's Bay condos and the ultra-luxury Palazzate under-construction on the old Sandridge Hotel site.  Of course, that's if those condos ever get sold and, more importantly, get occupied.

Talking about the Palazzate, they hung out their shingle for the first time yesterday.  Yes, after more than a year of mystery and people wondering about what was going up on the old Sandridge Hotel site, the word "Palazzate" was finally emblazoned on the construction curtain fence yesterday.  Keep in mind the Palazzate developers are the same people who dug up and plowed over the swamp in Retreat/Six Mens for half of a year before there was an official ground breaking. 

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