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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No Big Surprise - Mullins Bay Out Of $60M Lucky Dip

The unbelievable state of the beach at the defunct Kings Beach Hotel. See also

I usually have better things to do with my time, like Twitter and Facebook, than watching TV - let alone wasting it on the propaganda platform CBC TV has become. However, I happened to be passing through the living room last night when I overheard an announcer saying that the Corruption Zone Coastal Zone Management Unit would be talking about how they will be spending the BDS$60M recently secured from the Inter American Development Bank to address coastal concerns in Barbados. As I am obsessed with the restoration of the beaches in the Mullins Bay area I thought it might be prudent to stop and listen to what they had to say.

No big surprise here after all, and just as I have been hinting on this blog since word of this loan came to light last December, Mullins Bay restoration is not a priority with these people and thus will not be a beneficiary. According to the embroiled director of the CZMU, the money will be spent on extending the Holetown Boardwalk to Folkestone, tweaking their coastal modelling, and some nebulous-sounding projects (re: rat holes) in the Scotland District and Tent Bay. Who knew government was receiving a lot of applications for development projects on the East Coast? I thought that area was being reserved as a National Park free of the "condomania" that has gone on here on the west coast.

Even if we forget about CZMU's own promise to "investigate" the problem, to touch Road View/Mullins now would be a public admission that their approval of the groynes was a major blunder. That would be too bitter a pill for them to swollow given the ethical questions currently still swirling around them, and the fact that they continue to maintain that erosion in the area has been going on since Noah entered the Ark and that it is being compounded by Climate Change.

Also, we have to keep in mind that any honest and/or scientific attempt to rectify the problems of Road View/Mullins would of necessity require the removal of the groynes - something that would certainly upset the developer of the property involved who is also currently the only game in town vis-a-vis construction employment on the west coast if not also the rest of the island. So, I guess, at least for now, Mullins Bay continues to be between a rock and a hard place.

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  1. I agree with you 100% we have vidoe footage of Mullins that we took on our first visit in 1990 and vidoe of the beach from Dec 2010 and the devestation is for all to see, I cannot beleive your Government can be so short sighted, what has been allowed to go on at Mullins over the years is criminal in my opinion, nothing done to try and stop the severe erosion,and nothing done about the various owners of Mullins bar stealing great big area's of the public beach,it is a disgrace,your Government think that all tourists are rich, there are many people like us who work hard all year to save for our holidays. We will be back this year as usual as we have made good friends with really good people in Barbados,and it is these local people I feel sorry for as your Government obviously really dosn't care.

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